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Young brothers inspire us to do more! (0)

January 29, 2013 • Category: McDaniel Brothers-Approved

A must watch video about the bond between these two brothers.

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Totally Sonny Says This is Cool…. (0)

  Want to see reviews of kids toys done by a kid – then check out the Blog called Totally Sonny. This kid gives his own reviews of what he thinks is “cool”. Click here to view.


Books for Boys (0)

Every day, my younger son comes home and says that he can’t find anything interesting to read. During his DEAR class (Drop Everything and Read) – he is often the only one that can’t find something to stimulate him or keep his interest. As we searched for books, we can across this list a “series” [...]


Lego Mindstorms a Great Gift for GenZ (1)

  For those who are passionate about robots – this is a great gift for any Generation Z kid. Have a look at this demo on Lego Mindstorm.


Stimulating Children with Paper… (0)

Paper seems to be making a comeback….have a read of this great post about the increasingly popularity of paper dolls. With Generation Z kids it is certainly an interesting theory on how to get them away from electronics and back to using their imagination! “It’s a movement that’s unspeakably refreshing in today’s fast-paced society, encouraging kids [...]


Electronic Guitar Shirt – 5 out of 5! (0)

Do you have an aspiring rock star at home? Then why not give them the electric guitar built right into their t-shirt! The shirt includes a mini amp and plays real music. My son (who plays guitar) was able to test a shirt and gives it 5 stars!  This thing is fantastic – in his own words [...]


Active Video Games May Get Your Kids Moving… (0)

Are your Generation Z kids more interested in playing video games than in playing outside? If this characterizes your kids – you may want to watch this video at RedOrbit – as researchers have found that a new breed of video games helps kids get more exercise. In the example used in the video – [...]


Everyone Has a Dream…. (0)

Gabriella really wanted to make Canada’s Got Talent. Sadly, she wasn’t chosen. Her dream is to sing – everyone needs a dream!

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Social Media for Kids site – great resource (0)

We can across an excellent social media resource for kids. Social Media for Kids® is educators, in partnership with social media professionals, helping young people navigate the web in an effective and safe manner while ensuring their future success in a tech-savvy and highly connected world. Our mission is to create and raise awareness amongst [...]


65% of Handset Purchases Driven by Youth Word of Mouth (0)

(mobileYouth) The 2011 SMART index: Handset Brands View more presentations from Graham Brown (mobileYouth)


Is the iPad on Your Kids’ Christmas List? (0)

A great article from Mashable shows what kids want for Christmas – the iPad tops the list. Surprised? If you are the parent of a Generation Z kid – this shouldn’t be news to you!


Email Usage Among GenZ Kids Plummets (0)

A new report, provides a snapshot of usage trends across the digital space. Perhaps most noteworthy was the shift in e-mail usage, particularly among young people. Total Web-based e-mail use was down eight percent last year, led by a walloping 59 percent drop among 12 to 17 year olds. The second biggest drop was among [...]


Annoying Orange – Five Stars! (0)

If your kids haven’t seen Annoying Orange – then you might want to let them have a look. This video series received 5 stars from my Gen Z kids.